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A Typology of Useless

10 - 22 March 2017 


BSA Project Space Mullumbimby

The reason for making these objects was to reveal and satisfy the fundamental need to understand and articulate the creative process.


I work in a muti-disciplinary way which blurs the boundaries of my practice but also provides points of reference. I'm engaged in making objects that involve science, archaeology, anthropology and art.


It's a non-linear and reflective journey underpinned by materiality and repetitive manual work and includes the constant presence of an internal dialogue. It may take months of making "bits" and then arranging and assembling them before ideas become fully formed.


It's not until the post-reflective evaluation has taken place that I can assemble the objects. When the "bits" have been assembled and transformed into an object they leave my hands and are autonomous.


This intangible and intuitive way of working, as well as the materiality of the object is a device for storytelling. making up titles for the autonomous objects is part of the process.

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