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Helle Jorgensen - Artist - Sculptor

Originally born in Denmark, I migrated to Australia with my family. I live in the subtropical Tweed valley of northern NSW, on a small remote acreage and work from my studio there, overlooking the garden. I have a background in art, biology and horticulture and a deep fascination and connection with the natural world.

My practice aims to reveal and satisfy the fundamental need to understand and articulate the world around me and the creative process.

A body of work generally starts by investigating materials (fibres, discarded textiles, found objects, waste and plant materials) and traditional manual techniques (crochet, embroidery and basketry techniques). I work intuitively, rigorously and experimentally, producing lots of samples. During this intense, immersive and laborious process, there’s time and space to think clearly, and this is when inspiration, ideas and stories appear. From these, I create sculptural objects that become devices for storytelling and often have embedded messages.

Teaching and sharing my knowledge discovered through experimentation plays a significant role in my practice. I have conducted many workshops and had artist’s residencies. I have exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. My work has been published online, in books and international journals.

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Helle Jorgensen - Artist - Crochet
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