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Drawings & Prints

Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.


Nov 12 - Dec 7 2002.

(+ additional drawings and commissions).

 "Everything in our world is of this world except light. This beam allows us not just to see but to understand the world". Giorgio Morandi.


My drawing is a study of light. Without light, there is no visual world. Through the process of observing light I am studying this amazing world in the most exciting way I can imagine.


My technique involves modelling the form very physically: carving the subject from a piece of paper covered in charcoal using an eraser. The drawing is progressively revealed by a process of subtraction, drawn out of the blackness.

During the last year I have been drawing dogs. I started  drawing my own dogs, two whippets called Tom and Millie. They are very graceful and serene; creatures with distinct personalities and characteristic poses. Their habits make them excellent models - they sleep a lot. While drawing the whippets I realized that dogs offer a tremendous opportunity for portraiture. They are unconstrained by our social conventions and offer complete and immediate familiarity, intimacy and tolerance. Dogs are companions and are an important part of many people's lives, they are part of the family. I feel by portraying them as having dignity as animals I am according them the respect they deserve. My drawings are neither caricatures nor anthropomorphic representations but portraits of non-human intelligence.

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