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14 February  - 3 March  2020

BSA Project Space Mullumbimby

Paracosm describes the rich inner world I’ve always had. A pocket universe that opens up as my hands busy themselves with the repetitive action of creating. In this mental state I can think clearly and unravel emotional knots.

The particular pieces in this exhibition represent the cathartic mental process I have been immersed in during the last couple of years since the death of my Father. The works reflect my thoughts of death, decay, rebirth, joy and reverence.
Randomly found objects and discarded materials are the basic ingredients of my thread based pieces. They have a richness and embedded history which speak to me and give agency in the work.


While unravelling, dismantling and refabricating the materials using stitches, my paracosm is triggered and starts processing my personal history. The final form or pattern is not apparent initially but is gradually revealed through extensive experimentation, editing and discovery.

The cathartic process of creating this body of work has also been important in strengthening the connection to my surrounding environment and understanding  its inevitable processes of death, decomposition, decay and renewal. The Forest Floor represents feelings of optimism, inspiration, vitality and hope.

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